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Neck Pillow

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Avenue Sioux Falls, SD, USA

 * Larger sizes are available for those with broader shoulders and a longer neck. See options at checkout! 
**This product is not intended for use by children under 12 years old**
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Now in Organic

The Zzz Pal pillow is the neck and nursing pillow that you didn't realize you needed. Use it to support your neck during those long nights of nursing, or use it to support baby and make nursing more comfortable for you both. 
Designed by a Doctor of Chiropractic, the design is unlike any other travel, nursing or leisure pillow on the market.
Place the patent-pending neck roll behind your neck and recline in comfort all while keeping your cervical spine in proper alignment.
The structure of the Zzz Pal pillow restricts your head from flopping forward or side to side.
It is perfect to use while:
breastfeeding, traveling by car or airplane, for post-operative patients or while simply lounging in your favorite recliner.
It is made in the USA, and comes in baby minky material or certified organic cotton.  

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